Safety Training

Workplace safety training is as vital as workplace safety itself. It enables the management to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. It also helps the employees to recognize safety hazards and correct them. It enables them to understand best safety practices and expectations.

Many TECHNOSOFT SOLUTIONS standards—including those for the maritime, construction, agriculture, and general industries—contain explicit safety training requirements to ensure workers have the needed skills to keep themselves and others safe on the jobsite.

However, contrary to popular belief, TECHNOSOFT SOLUTIONS offer certified training courses. The closest thing to achieving TECHNOSOFT SOLUTIONS certification is completing TECHNOSOFT SOLUTIONS Outreach training, a voluntary program which consists of 10-Hour and 30-Hour training courses that provide workers with either basic or more advanced training about common workplace safety and health hazards.

safety traning

Fire Extinguishers training
Work at Height Training
Electrical Safety/Hazard Identification &
Safety in Scaffoldings
Rigging Practices Training
Work Place Erogonomics
Hazards of Conveyor
Chemical Safety
Lifting Supervisors
Risk Assessement and job Hazard Analysis

The above courses are provided by TECHNOSOFT SOLUTIONS-authorized trainers, and upon successful completion of a course, learners will be issued an Safety Training Certificate.

Depending upon employees’ specific responsibilities, employers must provide learners with training that relates to operations conducted at their worksites, as each employee will encounter different hazards .For example, if any of your employees are required to provide first aid as part of their job duties, those workers would need to complete  bloodborne pathogen training.

As a result, safety training courses must be as relevant as possible to the individual learner, and may cover the safe use of tools and equipment needed for a task, use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to mitigate exposure to hazards, as well as other topics as defined by applicable by TECHNOSOFT SOLUTIONS standards.

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