Brand Promotion

Brand promotion is the marketing communication strategy to inform, persuade, convince, and influence the decision making process of buyers when they choose a particular brand. It is done with the purpose of promoting brand awareness to create consumer’s interest. So they could make sale and convert them into loyal customer.

Brand promotion is required because of the following reasons;

  • Promote certain features of the brand like price and special schemes which are being offered?
  • Make the customer differentiate brands product from others because of certain unique features,
  • Increase the product demand,
  • Establish positive image and brand equity
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Importance of Brand Promotion

As we have discussed that the purpose of branding or brand promotion is to build and establish the name or brand of the company which is very important not only for the large companies but it is equally important for the small companies as well. Besides its business importance, branding is also beneficial for the society as a whole and customers as well.

Benefits to Business

The most important benefits of branding to the business are that company’s brand can stand out from the competition. Targeted market and customers are reminded and convinced that their brand has been serving them and planning to do so continually in the future. Through this marketing strategy company’s brand can increase the marketing share and existing sales as well.

Benefits to Consumers

 Quality, price, and availability of the product are some of the important concerns of the customers while shopping; because customer has wide range of choices, and they also aware of the dishonest vendors and traders who are out there to trick them. Here comes the role of branding which informs about the company’s product or service long before they make the purchase.

Personal Selling

The good thing about personal selling is that it involves face to face communication. Sellers would get the feedback immediately after the transaction from the buyers. The problem with personal selling is that it is time consuming and luxurious method. Advertising is a very good option for establishing a brand. 

Sales Promotion

Sale promotion comprises short-range or small incentives, the purpose of which is to increase the immediate sale of the brand and attract more and more customer. It doesn’t attain brand loyalty from the customer, because its period is very short. Sale promotion is seasonal which is offered usually at the end of the season to clear the stock and inventory. 



Packaging provides the brand with a distinctive edge which helps to differentiate its products from the stock. Nowadays, perception and appearance have become very important with the advancement of media and graphics. The better product looks, the more it sells. Customers are even also willing to pay a higher price for the better appearance of the product. Companies are spending more money on the packaging of their products to compete in the market. 

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